Mahy boiler builder with seven generations of experience

SRM guarantees you exceptional expertise with almost a century and a half of experience, and six generations of boiler builders. What began in 1869 as a workshop for the production of iron casks and trusses grew into a design and production company of steam boilers and casks by 1934. In 2004, the Mahy steam boiler was given a second life. The design was adapted to modern safety and construction standards, and P.E.D. with CE approval. Objectives? Optimal efficiency and absolute safety.

Mahy boiler builder of Belgian customisation

Steaming homegrown tailoring. That’s what our technical studies office goes for – every day. This is proven by the comprehensive technical file with CE-approved P.E.D., and the ready-to-use manual that comes with every Mahy steam boiler. Including attention to every part of your industrial steam boiler:

  • boiler
  • power supply tank
  • burner
  • water treatment plant
  • pipelines
  • energy recovery

Mahy boiler builder for energy-efficient solutions

Your bonus with a Mahy steam boiler: the low energy bill.
Thanks to smart energy recovery systems for recovering heat from flue gases, a flue gas cooler or a flue gas valve to reduce chimney loss at idle.
And if you choose biogas, you will also make the environment happy. Get advice from your Mahy boiler builder.

Mahy boiler builder and fault helpline

Is your steam boiler faulty or in need of maintenance? Then fire your technical questions at your Mahy boiler builder, and you will have peace of mind. Because while our people are firing up your steam boiler, your production is running at full speed – (with a Mahy rental plant if necessary) – as quickly as possible.