Energy recovery.

Energy recovery through cogeneration and other means

It need not be repeated : energy consumers are increasingly facing higher energy prices and environmental demands. Don’t let your combustion heat blow out through your fireplace. Use plenty of the energy in your steam or hot water. With a smart energy recovery system such as an economizer, flue gas cooler or recovery boiler.

Recovering heat from the flue gases by installing an economizer and/or flue gas cooler can mean savings of about 10% (depending on the application) and can reduce Co² and Nox emissions by about 10%.Installing a flue gas valve reduces the chimney loss when the boiler is idle and is a simple and quickly repaid procedure.
A cogeneration plant generates electricity and heat at the same time. And you’ll feel that in your energy bill.

In addition, SRM-Mahy nv can offer – climate-neutral – electric steam boilers.”

Energy recovery with biogas

Replace conventional fuel for thermal applications – fuel oil or natural gas – with biogas. And recoup your investment in one year through hefty energy savings. Moreover, you are making the environment happy.

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