Steam boilers.

Steam boiler for industry

The applications of high-tech steam boilers are endless. For heating large quantities of water, powering generators and industrial machinery. That is why we supply new and used steam boilers to industry: from the wood and textile industries over the food industry to breweries and laundries. Choose from our range of steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal oil boilers, natural gas boilers, light and heavy fuel boilers, electric boilers, …

Construction and installation turnkey steam boiler

Does a standard solution not suffice? Then talk to our technical studies office. The result? Steaming customization. Moreover, you are closely involved in every stage of the development process – including production in our workshop in Wetteren, if you wish. Your guarantee of a steam boiler that one hundred percent meets your needs – and the legislation.

Steam boiler rental as emergency solution or test

Is your steam boiler in need of an overhaul? Will he be restored? Or are you replacing your old steam boiler? Then trust SRM and rent a high-quality steam boiler from 0.25 to 10 T, for long or short durations. So that your production continues unabated and unhindered. NOTE Renting a steam boiler is also the perfect solution for temporary applications and testing.

Construction, installation and rental of a steam boiler? SRM!

Choose top quality, and unbeatable service – with SRM. And thanks to your durable and high-quality Mahy steam boiler, you drive or guarantee your production, with a rental solution. Make an appointment now.